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Welcome out of area used car shoppers! Off Lease Only is proud to offer an alternative to your typical used car buying experience that is completely transparent with no dealer fees and no stress of negotiating price. More than ever, savvy internet shoppers choose to save thousands on their used car purchase by working with Off Lease Only. Whether you are looking to ship the vehicle, or fly in and take a mini vacation, Off Lease Only has an entire team dedicated to making this the easiest used car purchase of your life!

We are proud for you to know how much money you will be saving shopping with us. You will get more car for less money with more options than anywhere else! Plus with thousands of used cars in our inventory, all priced THOUSANDS below retail, you are sure to save BIG on your next dream car! Shop your local car dealerships, then compare our prices and book your ticket! We will gladly pick you up from the airport most convenient to the Off Lease Only location you choose.



Frequently Asked Questions:

How Does Sales Tax Work?:

All vehicles purchased will be charged applicable State sales tax on the total order. You will pay Florida Sales Tax up to 6% according to your State sales tax. If your State sales tax is over 6%, or ther are any additional tax charges in your County, the remaining balance will be paid to your State. Example: If your State sales tax is 8.5%, you will pay Florida Sales Tax of 6% and the additional 2.5% will be paid to your State. If you are in one of the three non-reciprocal states including Arkansas, Mississippi, or West Virginia, you will have to pay tax in both States. There is $209 private tag agency fee in addition to the State title and registration fees.

Ten Day / 500 Mile Exchange Policy:

Off Lease Only proudly stands behind every vehicle that we sell. Your satisfaction is so important to us that we offer a 10 day return or trade-in policy. No questions asked. No reason needed. Feel free to test drive and trade into a different car that you feel suits your needs more. If you are strictly returning the vehicle, a 5% re-stocking fee will apply. After 10 days or 500 miles your car may be subject to an appraisal at fair market value. Please contact or call us toll free at (866) 537-2479 with any questions.

Florida Vehicle Safety Requirements:

Our cars meet Florida's safety requirements. If you live in a state that has different safety requirements, we cannot pay to make the car you purcahse pass your states requirements. We simply do not have the mark-up in each vehicle as Off Lease Only sells with minimal mark-up to pass the savings onto our customers. Our prices are thousands of dollars less than other dealers charge for the same cars nationwide. If you would like new tires and brakes done at our cost before you purchase a car, we can quote you on that, but we simply cannot reimburse you for such wear and tear items after the sale. Please understand that we value all of our customers and that is why we sell cars at these prices. It really does not cost thousands to get new brakes and tires which will last you for many miles and years to come. If you live in a subzero climate it is also a good idea to have your car checked before a deep freezes as most of our inventory has lived in Florida and is not used to cold weather.

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