The used car business is a BIG business. Did you know that over 38 million used cars exchange hands each year? That is more than double the amount of new car sales.

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Off Lease Only buys cars nationwide daily to ensure you have the very best selection of quality used cars for sale!

Many people wonder how Off Lease Only acquires such a vast selection of quality used cars for sale. So we sat down with the owner, Mark Fischer, to discuss his teams’ buying strategy.

“For the most part we buy our cars at auctions primarily from the manufacturers’ own finance companies. Daily we search far and wide on the national market competing against other dealers big and small,” said owner Mark Fischer.

Off Lease Only Buyers Mark Fischer & Brian Kushner

Off Lease Only Owner Mark Fischer and Chief Purchasing Officer Brian Kushner at the grand opening of Off Lease Only Palm Beach!

The majority of the vehicles that Off Lease Only buys at auction are cars that have been returned at the end of a lease. Sometimes great inventory is also found being sold by rental car companies, banks that have repossessions, and from other car dealers.

So how does Off Lease Only manage to keep their prices lower than the competition?

“By buying cars at auctions nationwide daily we are exposed to every market across the country. We know what the dealers in every market are paying for their cars,” said Fischer. “We watch those prices and then price our cars to be the lowest; we also don’t charge hidden fees.”

The Proof is in our Pricing!

THE PROOF IS IN OUR PRICING! Off Lease Only prices cars thousands below retail passing the savings on to you!

Unlike other Dealers, Off Lease Only does its business in volume; most dealers need to make as much money off of each individual car rather than selling in mass to the public.

This is why Dealers tend to tack on extra charges such as pre-delivery service fees, nitrogen tire fees, electronic filing fees and even additional cash investments on top of their advertised price. They claim that they have no choice but to get as much out of each car as they can.

“The proof is in our pricing!” exclaimed Fischer passionately. “My team and I live, eat, breathe and sleep buying cars. We do it almost every day in nearly every market around the country and we know what the best price is on any make/model/mileage combo.”

Read the fine print

If you see another dealer advertise a price even close to Off Lease Only make sure to READ THE FINE PRINT!

Buying cars is similar to any competitive sport. The ones that excel and achieve greatness are the ones that practice and hone their skills every day.

If another Dealer’s advertised price even comes close to an Off Lease Only price, make sure to read the fine print!

Not a day goes by where the team of Off Lease Only buyers isn’t online scouring the auctions to find the most incredible selection of quality used cars, trucks and SUV’s for sale.

“Our team is so in tune with the national market. Many dealers are not. This is why our out-of-state business is growing so rapidly. Off Lease Only is able to provide rock-bottom pricing that is often times cheaper for our out-of-state customers to buy from us and ship it, rather than buying that same car at a local dealer,” stated Fischer proudly.

Off Lease Only Out of State

With the convenience of buying your car online, and never having to leave the comfort of your home, Off Lease Only’s Out of State Department assists customers both local and nationwide. Once you read the Off Lease Only customer reviews, you will see how elated our out-of-area shoppers are with their experience.

While the cost-effective pricing and savings to customers are significant, Off Lease Only’s dedication to customer satisfaction before, during and after the sale is one of the primary reasons for such phenomenal growth.

“It’s all about how you treat your customer. Price isn’t everything. It’s our attention to customer satisfaction and online reputation that has also helped us grow. Treating customers right has always been the top priority for my wife Eileen and me,” said Fischer.

Fischer takes his customers’ experiences very seriously, and personally gets involved with customer concerns.

Off Lease Only owners Mark & Eileen Fischer

Mark & Eileen Fischer cutting the ribbon at the latest grand opening of Off Lease Only Palm Beach!

“It’s easy because we genuinely care,” said Fischer.

Fischer and his Customer Service team always do what they can to make Off Lease Only’s customers satisfied. He attributes the attention to customer service as a huge reason why the company has grown so rapidly.

Mark & Eileen Fischer

Where it all began! Two decades ago Mark & Eileen Fischer started with two cars, their life savings and a vision to provide a unique and transparent used car buying experience.

Off Lease Only owners Mark & Eileen Fischer started this company with two cars and their life savings with a vision to provide a unique and transparent used car buying experience unlike any other.

What once was the best kept secret in South Florida has grown into The Nation’s Used Car Destination over the last two decades with nearly 200,000 happy customers worldwide!

Their dedication to providing used cars priced thousands below retail with no hidden fees and a goal of complete customer satisfaction makes buying a car from Off Lease Only a no brainer!

Just read the Off Lease Only reviews! Off Lease Only prides itself on its customer relationships, and because of this, its reputation certainly shines!

Off Lease Only is A+ rated on the Better Business Bureau and has won multiple awards, including DealerRater’s prestigious Used Car Dealer of the Year for the entire United States and Edmunds Five-Star Dealer, which are based solely off customer reviews and satisfaction.

Need a used car? Don’t delay, save thousands today at OffleaseOnly.com!

Off Lease Only has locations in Miami, West Palm Beach, Orlando and coming soon to Fort Lauderdale!

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