Exchange Policy

Off Lease Only Exchange Policy

Off Lease Only proudly stands behind every vehicle that we sell. Your satisfaction is so important to us that we offer a 5-day/500 mile free exchange policy for added peace of mind. No questions asked, no reason needed, simply trade towards any vehicle in Off Lease Only's entire inventory that suits your needs better.*

We Will Buy Your Car Back At Any Time

Whether you want to just sell us your car, or trade it in, Off Lease Only will always pay ACV which stands for Actual Cash Value* in the car business. This means that we will buy your car at the price we offer, whether you purchase another car from us or not.

Also, please make sure to ask about the available tax credit when you trade-in your old car and purchase a new car from Off Lease Only.

*If applicable, and/or contingent on approval by third party financial institution. Any costs incurred on the vehicle made by the customer prior to the exchange will not be reimbursed. Please understand that Actual Cash Value may vary based on condition, description and market value.