Get a True Cash Offer

Ready to trade-in and trade-up? Whether you want to just sell us your car, or trade it in, Off Lease Only will always pay ACV which stands for Actual Cash Value in the car business. This means that we will buy your car at the price we offer, whether you purchase another car from us or not

Other dealers often play games by offering high trade-in values, this is called "allowance". The "allowance" these dealers provide for you is not actually what you will receive unless you buy another car from them.

Always remember the best total price out the door will be at Off Lease Only with no stress of negotiating price, no hidden fees and no need to purchase another vehicle from us in order to get the Actual Cash Value.

All vehicles are subject to an actual appraisal in person, and the values may vary from Kelley Blue Book depending on the condition of your vehicle. When an appraisal is finalized, the price we offer is the price we will pay for your car guaranteed.

Please make sure to ask about the available tax credit when you trade-in your old car, and purchase a new car from Off Lease Only.

We also now offer extended service agreements good up to 10 years and/or unlimited miles from your date of purchase, and a 5 day/500 mile free exchange policy for added peace of mind!

Looking to trade-in and trade-up into your next OffLeaseOnly used car? CLICK HERE for a list of items to bring and acceptable forms of payment so you can be prepared before you even step foot into Off Lease Only Location nearest you.