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So it’s time for a new ride, but what do you do with the old one?

Well, you could sell your car by placing some ads, then spend a bunch of time weeding through all of the tire-kickers. Or you could just bring it to Off Lease Only. We buy cars every single day, and we’ll be happy to buy yours. Even if you don’t buy a car from us!


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Here’s How It Works

Instead of trying to figure out an answer to the question “what is the trade in value of my car?”. Simply bring it by one of our superstore buying centers in Orlando, Fort Lauderdale, Palm Beach, Miami, or Bradenton. Other dealers may claim to give you a used car trade in value and offer online. But what they don’t want to tell you is, that offer does not take into account the actual condition of your vehicle. And in some cases, their buyers will come back with a final offer that’s a lot lower than you were quoted online. Off Lease Only however, doesn’t believe in wasting anybody’s time. This is why we only assess the trade in value of a car in person.


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Our buyers look at many different things when determining how much a car is worth. They start by inspecting the vehicle’s cosmetic condition, both inside and out. Then they look at the mechanical condition (engine, transmission, brake performance, etc.), and check the functionality of all the accessories and electronics. Once they’ve verified the condition of the vehicle, they analyze the current market prices and write you an offer.


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Get paid or apply the offer towards the purchase of an Off Lease Only vehicle

If you just want to sell your car and cash out of your old ride without buying a car from us, just let your Off Lease Only Expert know and they will start the process to get you paid. And don’t worry if you still owe money on the vehicle. In many cases, we can pay off the loan and handle the paperwork for you (if you’re upside down on your trade in, see below for more information). But if you want to cash in and apply your trade in offer towards the purchase of an Off Lease Only vehicle, we’ll handle everything so you can get out there and start enjoying your new ride! Plus, there may even be significant tax advantages to using your vehicle as a trade in. For more information, ask your Off Lease Only Expert.

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How to trade in a car or sell your car at Off Lease Only: FAQ

You do not need to bring these items to receive an offer. However you will need them to complete a transaction. Requirements may be different, depending on where your vehicle is registered. For more information, please ask your Off Lease Only Expert.

The basics are as follows:

  • Valid state issued photo ID/driver’s license for all registered owners
  • A valid car title or payoff information
    -Note: If the vehicle is titled to more than one person, all parties will need to be present in order to receive payment.
  • Valid vehicle registration
  • All keys, remotes and accessories

In some cases, we can buy a leased vehicle from you. However, you will need to check with your leasing company to find out more information about their policies and procedures.

If the offer you receive is less than the amount that you owe on the vehicle, you will have to pay the difference (i.e. negative equity) at the time of the sale. However, if you plan to trade the vehicle in on another one, you may be able to add that negative equity onto your new loan (depending on your situation and credit). And thanks to the super low prices at Off Lease Only, doing this might be a lot easier than you think (again, depending on your situation and credit). Ask your Off Lease Only Expert for more details.

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