Miss Kimmy of 99 Jamz Loves Off Lease Only and Loves Her BMW 740Li!

Miss Kimmy from 99 Jamz loves Off Lease Only and adores the black 2012 BMW 740Li she is driving! Talk about luxury! This car is loaded, with everything from navigation and leather seats to plugs, plugs, plugs for auxiliary cords, cell phones, games and even a USB port! As Miss Kimmy notes, at $45,000 almost everyone can afford a BMW 7-series. Who knew you could find a BMW 7-series for under $60K? It's possible at Off Lease Only and the cars you will find are mint! The BMW 7-Series is a great car - roomy for a family, but easy to drive. The ride is smooth and has great pickup. Sporty, sexy, sophisticated. What's not to like? Stop by Off Lease Only today and find the car of your dreams!

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