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Ways to protect your investment from Off Lease Only

At Off Lease Only, we want to help you protect your investment. So we’ve assembled some of the best car extended service agreement programs in the business. Certified pre-owned cars don’t offer this kind of flexibility. But, Off Lease Only can help you keep your wallet protected, and lend peace of mind after the sale.


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Pick And Choose What Is Right For You!


Vehicle Service Agreements

Unlike certified pre-owned cars, extended service agreements are available up to 10 years and unlimited miles from your date of purchase on qualified vehicles. One of the best perks of these extended service contracts, is that Any unused portion can be transferred to the next owner or refunded when you sell your vehicle. 

Auto Armor

Want to keep your car looking just like the day you got it? Auto Armor protects your interior & exterior from damage like the loss of gloss and fading, to rips, tears and spills. Even if they’re your fault! **Please note; Auto Armor is the only non-cancellable product**

GAP – Guaranteed Asset Protection

GAP insurance will pay the difference between your insurance company settlement and the outstanding balance of your loan. So if your vehicle was a total loss, you would still have to pay the difference. That’s when GAP coverage steps in to pay the difference and up to $1000 deductible – so you walk away free and clear!  

Deposit Recovery Program

If you are putting down cash and/or trade equity and the car is totaled, you will get to use that equity and down payment again towards your next car when you come back to Off Lease Only. For instance, if you put $5k down and had $2k in trade-equity; you will have $7k towards your next car.

Lost Key Coverage

Many times we only have 1 key for our vehicles. If you lose that key, you could spend as much as $600 or more depending on your vehicle! With the key protection we offer, simply tow your car into the franchise dealer closest to you and they will make AND program a new key for you with no out of pocket expense.

Road Hazard Tire/Wheel Protection

This will cover your tires in the event that you get a flat due to any sort of road hazard like nails, potholes, or road debris. This plan covers any tire with 3/32 tread life remaining. Not only does it cover your tires, it will also cover a factory rim if it is damaged to the point that it does not hold air.

Anti-Theft Protection

In the event of a total loss due to theft, you will receive a replacement down payment benefit of up to $5,000 towards your next Off Lease Only vehicle. 

Paintless Dent and Ding Repair

Any ding or dent in a metal area of your vehicle will be removed at no charge. 


You can pick and choose what is right for you! 

Make sure to contact one of our Off Lease Only Experts to learn more about all of the options we offer to protect your investment! 

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